The Hoops 101 Story

The inaugural 2000 Hoops 101 coaching staff and campers of the week from left to right holding basketballs on front row: A.J. Mann (NBA), Dakota Stewart (WNBA), and Jenny Hill (NCAA)


Born & Raised Near Austin, TX

The first Hoops 101 Basketball Camp took place in 2000 at Dripping Springs Middle School. Aspiring coaches (we were all still students at the University of Texas) came together because we all thought it would be fun. Our intent from the start has been to bring value to the athletes who trust us to train and coach them.

 Our intent from the start has been to bring value to the athletes who trust us to train and coach them. 

72 campers took a chance on this first-ever camp.

It was a success. When it was all said and done, campers requested autographs from the coaches, Texas Longhorns came to speak to the camp, and a way of thinking about teaching the game was born.  Have fun, care, and take pride in great teaching.

Hoops 101 Basketball camps have run every summer since.  In 2009, we ventured out into a new project called The Academy.  We just wanted to take our training and teaching to another level.  It, too, was a success.  Athletes improved, and we enjoyed finding a new way to bring the game to life.

In our 10th year, we expanded our training to include Hoops 101 Select.  In our first year, we had two teams.  In our second year, that grew to six teams.  In 2012, we added Interactive Chalk Talks to enhance the teaching of our core topics, and created a unified curriculum for all levels with shared terminology and offense and defense.

Also in 2012, Hoops 101 added Flight, our suite of advanced training modules geared to high school level athletes and above.

In the process, we became a full-fledged basketball training organization, offering something for almost all levels of interest and skill.  And, so, in September of 2012 we rebranded our websites and all of our offerings under one roof:  Hoops 101 Nation.

The name fits because what we do at Hoops 101 and the way we do it has a culture and has an identity all its own—much like a nation.  Our offerings are as diverse as our athletes’ needs—much like a nation.  And it is our hope that we can share our discoveries and band together to create a better experience for our people—much like a nation.

So, we are still the same Hoops 101 that began in 2000 with a bunch of 20-year-old college students.  And it is our plan and belief that we will continue to grow our influence, provide more value, and do more to make basketball improvement systematic and attainable for all who trust us with their training.

We hope you will join us in our pursuit to raise the bar for basketball training in the great city of Austin, Texas—home to a culture of excellence and discovery that is at the heart of Hoops 101 Nation.



Nelson Terroba

Founder, Hoops 101 Basketball LLC