Hoops 101 Partners with The PAC

Austin’s Premier Facility Teams with Hoops 101

Hoops 101 Nation is excited to announce that we have partnered with the newly-built Premier Athletic Complex (PAC) in Leander.

The PAC has hired Hoops 101 Founder Nelson Terroba to serve as the Basketball Director for the PAC.

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to build a developmental program from the ground up,” Terroba said.  “The PAC’s location allows us to offer our Hoops 101 programming to the North Side of Austin, while also giving us access to the best gym in Austin.”

PAC Basketball powered by Hoops 101 will feature a year-round training curriculum that is built on ages and stages and features the best teachers of the game.

“We will have developmental programs that start in the 2nd grade and that build all the way through 12th grade and beyond,” Terroba said.  “We want the PAC to be the place to train for all aspiring and serious-minded basketball athletes.”

“We want the PAC to be the place to train for all aspiring and serious-minded basketball athletes.”

Something For Everyone

At the core of the PAC Basketball Blueprint will be the Hoops 101 Way of teaching.  But, because of the capabilities of the PAC, Hoops 101 will now be able to offer year-round skill academies, strength and  speed bootcamps for basketball, Centex Attack Select Teams, Youth Developmental leagues and also Select Basketball tournaments and Leagues.

“We are now able to offer something for everyone,” Terroba said. “My experience as a former high school head coach allows me to know the importance of partnering with area high school coaches to build a program that improves basketball training for the whole city of Austin.  That is very important to me. In addition, my time with the NBA D League last year and at the University of Texas provides a perspective upon which to build a curriculum tailored to develop  a player from youth and beginining stages, all the way up  to elite competition and training.”

The Complete Basketball Training Experience

The PAC will also allow for the marriage of a complete basketball experience all under one roof.

“We are able to combine skills training on the court, strength and speed training in the weight room, and mental and conceptual training in the classroom all in one place and on a regular basis,” Terroba said.

The Best Trainers in Town

Terroba is teaming up with some of the most respected and high-character trainers and coaches in the area to build a winning culture.

Terry Smothers (Incognito Basketball) , Jodie McGarity (Texas Disciples Sports & Fitness), Andrew Martin (Hoops 101), John Hollmon (STAT Pro) and others will team up with area coaches to create a dynamic basketball experience for all who train at The PAC.

“Coach Smothers, Coach McGarity, and Coach Hollmon are fantastic basketball trainers and will be available for private instruction throughout the year,” Terroba said. “Coach Martin is a great addition to our staff as he has worked in the Hoops 101 system for the past two years providing training, select team coaching, and behind-the-scenes contributions.”

PAC Features

  • 30,000 Square Feet of Court Space
  • 3 High School Full Courts (with the ability to convert to 6 youth courts)
  • 18 Baskets (to allow for optimal reps for shooting and team practices)
  • The Best Hardwood Courts (The Best Floor Money Can Buy) in Austin with rubber underpinnings (less wear and tear on high level athletes’ bodies)
  • Ability to lower and raise all baskets from 8-1o feet high (to serve our young aspiring Hoopers)
  • 2,200 square feet Speed & Strength Training Area
  • 900 square feet of Team meeting and classroom space with full video capability (we will use this for classroom sessions for our Academies and Select Teams)
  • Innovative use of technology including ability to video athletes who are training, using iPads (1o iPads at our disposal) to AirPlay directly to big screen TVs to allow for on-the-spot video study and correction.
  • Free WIFI for parents who are waiting and watching their athletes train.
  • Full-service concession stand
  • 300 Free Parking Spots
  • Ability to host the highest quality and most organized Select Basketball Tournaments in Austin
  • Full audio with capability for wireless mics and music linked into Ipad or Iphones.

Hoops 101 Continues On South Side

  • We will still host our Hoops 101 Summer camps on the south side of town including Dripping Springs, Lehman High School, and Austin High School.
    • In addition, we will be offering the Hoops 101 day camps to the North Austin area at The PAC (dates to be finalized soon).
  • We will still host our Hoops 101 Select Teams and are excited to use our lessons learned in the past to help improve this offering.
    • We will have more announcements regarding the new and improved Hoops 101 Select in the next month, including tryout information.
    • If you are on the North Side of town, Hoops 101 will be instrumental in the formation and philosophy behind the newly-formed Centex Attack select organization, which will be housed at The PAC.
  • We still plan on hosting Fall and Spring Hoops 101 Skill Academies when possible at the Dripping Springs YMCA.
    • We will be offering a year-round training model at The PAC, with monthly skill academies during the Fall, Winter and Spring.

If you are interested in joining the PAC Basketball coaching staff, or are interested in finding out more information, please email Coach Terroba at nelson@pac-tx.com.

Coach Nelson Terroba Coach. Teacher. Founder of Hoops 101 Basketball LLC. University of Texas Graduate. Lamar University Grad Student. Student of the game.

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